Create the Best Customer Testimonial Videos You Can with These 3 Key Components

When people see another person genuinely communicating their pleasure and passion for a product or brand, they’re far more inclined to believe and relate with it than they would with some dry text or even still images.

That’s because customer testimonial videos establish social proof, a psychological phenomenon that’s been a favorite arrow in the quivers of marketers and salespeople, for as long as these professions have existed.

Video testimonials are simply far more engaging than a written testimonial ever could be. In worst case scenarios, copywriters will draft something up, and send it to their customer for approval. No matter how talented a copywriter is, they still sometimes come out sounding forced.

With video, you sidestep this problem entirely.

Video testimonials are simply far more engaging than a written testimonial ever could be. Click To Tweet

Just because video customer testimonial video are so powerful, doesn’t mean that you can throw subpar content out there and expect it to work. You still need to make the best testimonial videos you possibly can before shipping them out the door if you want them to reach their full potential.

So, what are some good principles to guide your testimonial video production? A good place to start is with some elements you’ll see across nearly every successful video testimonial.

Making the Best Video Testimonials

In order to create great customer testimonial videos, you’ll need to keep three simple rules in mind: get great footage, chop it down to its high notes, and edit it into polished package.

Get Great Testimonial Footage

Most importantly, you need quality raw footage of a customer that’s passionate about how a product or service improves their life.

The best testimonial videos aren’t someone reading from a script. Exceptional raw testimonial footage will be simple statements from the heart of a customer, made in an almost improvisational way.

That doesn’t mean that you should set up a camera and let your customer ramble. As a director of a video testimonial, it’s your job to ask guiding questions that help your subject find the right things to talk about.

It’s also important that you follow video production best practices, such as quality audio, good lighting, in-focus video, and an intentional film set or location. Nobody wants to watch a poorly produced video, and failing here can leave a bad impression of your brand.

The best testimonial videos aren’t someone reading from a script. Click To Tweet

Make Your Testimonial Concise

People don’t want to waste time watching a video that’s longer than it should be. Although you have a little more leeway with the playtime of your video content at the bottom of the funnel, you’ll still want to keep your testimonial videos as short as possible – without disrupting the content.

Consider editing out pauses, hesitations, and establishing shots. You can even edit out the less impactful parts of dialogue, and rearrange clips to create a cohesive story. Just make sure that your video coherently gets across the main bullet points of the testimonial.

Mindful Editing

Editing is a combination of smaller steps, most of which are very technical, so we won’t get into them here.

Stay focused on communicating the key points of the testimonial, and don’t get too fancy. A customer testimonial video isn’t the best place to start getting creative with animations, transitions, or walls of text. The source material needs to speak for itself, so do your best to stay out of its way and let it make an impact.

While editing testimonial videos, keep the following three rules of thumb in mind:

  • Every second should be providing new information to the viewer
  • Every added graphic or text should be supporting the audio or vice versa
  • If it can be cut, cut it

Don’t be afraid to break these rules occasionally, but do so mindfully. The best marketing videos are made on the “editing room floor,” not on location.

Creating Video Testimonials

If you forget everything else, just remember that capturing great raw footage, and mindfully editing it down into a concise and cohesive story will get you most of the way toward a super effective video testimonial.

There’s a lot more depth to each of these steps, of course. So, if you don’t have the bandwidth to record and edit a video testimonial yourself, you’ll probably want to find a video production partner to assist you, because starting to produce videos of your own from scratch can get very expensive, very quickly.

There are many different ways to get a testimonial video produced for your business, so we’ve put this handy guide together for narrowing down your options, and hiring a video production partner that’s right for you.

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