Customer Testimonial Video Package

If your customers are passionate about what you do for them, then capturing that passion in a series of video testimonials is the way to go. Thoughtcast Media makes it easy and affordable.

We begin by working with you to define anticipated outcomes for the testimonial. We then travel to your customer’s location, where a professional interviewer coaches your customer through the shoot. The interview footage is combined with original b-roll footage, shot on site, to lend context, as well as a branded animation package that reflects your logo and website.

All these elements come together in a customer testimonial video that speaks volumes about why your customers love doing business with you.

Why Customer Testimonial Videos Work


What’s included:


We help you select the perfect customer for your first video testimonial, and work with your customer to draw out the most compelling testimonial possible. Once you’ve secured the participation of your customer, we’ll send them an information package to prepare them for the upcoming shoot.


A team, armed with all the necessary equipment, travels to your location to shoot the video. (Travel inside the Washington, DC metropolitan area is included.) A producer coaches your customer(s) on how best to deliver their testimonial. We then spend up to two hours shooting each video testimonial.


A rough cut of your video is prepared for your review. We add animation elements (i.e., opening and closing sequences, titles, transitions, calls to action, and other graphic elements) to reflect your brand. We’ll go through as many as two rounds of edits with you, before delivering the final cuts of your video.


Once your video has been finalized, we create landing page copy based on your keywords. We provide you with a transcript for your video. The video, the landing page copy and the transcript all work together to ensure that your content is optimized for search engines to find and promote.

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Jake Fabbri
Vice President, Marketing
Fonteva“The folks at Thoughtcast Media are great at getting to the heart of the story; making it personal and relatable, and not just product details. They produced a testimonial video we used to launch a new software product at Salesforce’s Dreamforce Conference. It captured our customer’s passion for what we do in a way I didn’t think was even possible on video, and helped drive excitement among prospects and partners for our product.”

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Make customer testimonial videos work for you.

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